Just a little welcome message

Hello and welcome to my blog post on my website this is just a little message about me, lulabelles and what's coming next for us. 

My name is Rebecca and I started lulabelles just over a year ago and i love it, it's what I was born to do! I hope you all like my stock I have on here but there is lots more to be uploaded but as you all know I do have children and they are very demanding so this slows me down on uploading everything at once.

In the next couple of weeks I have my own range coming out which is very exciting I can not wait so all please keep a look out for these beautiful outfits as there is limited stock only. 

Please all leave your feedback on here as I would to hear from  all my new and old customers also if there is anything you would like to order that isn't on here please email me - lulabellespanish@gmail.com

Happy shopping and you will all here from me soon. Xxx

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